Help us stop cuts to a vital service for family violence survivors – community legal centres

Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are a critical, potentially life-saving, service for many women trying to escape an abusive partner. They are one important part of the service mix available for family violence survivors, and we support their expansion in step 3(b) of our Safety First Plan.

Yet inadequate funding already forces Centres to turn away 160,000 people a year – many of them women affected by family violence.

The Turnbull Government is planning to cut a whopping 30% of Community Legal Centres’ funding from 1 July 2017.

Rosie Batty, family violence survivors, law school deans, federal parliamentarians including those from Labor, the Greens, as well as Jacqui Lambie and Derryn Hinch, and family violence services are all calling for the government to reverse this devastating cut. So far, the government hasn’t listened.

Help us take action to try and stop this.

  • Support the #equaljustice campaign – print an #equaljustice placard, take a photo with it, and share it on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Stand with Rosie and the Never Alone Foundation by adding your signature to Rosie’s letter to the Prime Minister asking him to reverse these proposed funding cuts.
  • Sign the Fair Agenda petition calling on the Australian government to stop the 30% funding cuts to community legal centres slated for 1 July 2017.
  • Email your concerns to your local senator using this Fair Agenda tool.
  • Share this page with your networks and friends and ask them to sign Rosie’s letter and join the Fair Agenda campaign